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Fully accredited drone pilots, incredible international experience of capturing footage for cinema, TV, music videos and social media.


Featuring the latest in drone and camera technology, our drone fleet is made up of DJI Inspire2 rigs.  Our in-house aerial team can be utilised independently on your production, or as part of complete Red Tail video production. Our professional drone pilots are also professional videographers, so you are assured of perfect footage.

aerial photography and videography hertfordshire

Aerial Videography

Aerial Video

Aerial Photography

Fully integrated aerial and ground-based footage creating stunning visual productions.

Drone footage brings a cinematic feel to a production. Red Tail’s footage has been used for Movies and TV. Where possible, we utilise aerial footage for our promotional films delivering that feeling of a big budget production.

We’re based in Hertfordshire, able to travel all over the UK including London, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Surrey, Kent and Berkshire.

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Aerial Videography and Photography