Carl Russel & Co Gunmakers | Hertfordshire Videographer

Nov 10, 2022 | Video

Video Production Hertfordshire

We visited Carl at his workshop in Hatfield where we filmed him making and altering part of his guns. The brief was a darker moodier film to showcase the nature of the industry. We mixed normal frames with slow motion to make the film more appealing and cinematic.

Carl Russell & Co has an on-site workshop where our in-house, time-served gunmakers carry out servicing and repairs to all makes of shotgun, rifle, and air rifle.

Whether you shoot game or clay all shotguns and rifles need to be serviced regularly to prevent malfunction in the field. We recommend that you have your gun serviced at least every two years. If you shoot frequently and in bad weather, we would advise having your gun serviced every year.

A standard service would include stripping the gun to its component parts and removing dirt, grease, and debris. Then replacing or regulating any parts where required, reassembling, lubricating, and finally, test firing.

Having your gun serviced regularly by our craftsmen will safeguard your investment and prevent failure in the field.