Food Photographer Hertfordshire | Lollipop Smart Shopping

Jan 18, 2023 | Food, Photography

Food and Restaurant Photographer

Over the years I have had the pleasure to work with restaurateurs, talented chefs, and clients from the food and drinks industry. As a photographer, I enjoy capturing the food but also action shots of food preparation, diners enjoying their meals, and environmental portraits of chefs and restaurant owners. These images are just for food for recipes so needed to be clear and simple.

Lollipop is a smart way to shop for your recipes online, they are partnered with Sainsbury’s.
We were asked to produce food photographs for a range of budget meals for customers to be able to keep costs low on the recipes.
The brief was to keep the images simple. not overly styled and show the food off well to the viewer’s eye whether on a desktop or small smartphone.

Styling was done by the lovely Sophie I work with often.


Falafel in greek bread with red pepper humous black bean wrap with egg and salsa Nasi Goreng bowl with napkin sweet potato jackets filled with chick peas butternut and kale salad Butternut and Kale salad naan pizza breads on board vegtable soup with pasta in large bowl butternut with feta salad in skillet tuna salad with runny egg Mushroom pasta in pan with lemon