The last six months, maybe more I have questioned my abilities,  what I am good at, what I want to shoot and what makes me happy. I have loved shooting weddings the last few years and find myself more and more interested in the detail shots of the bride’s shoes, dress and flowers more appealing than the portraits – maybe I’m not cut out for people all the time!
Being a mum to two young girls is hard enough as it is never mind trying to balance a wedding and events photography career here in Dubai. So I have been trying to find my path and figure out what will make me love shooting again and get my MOJO back, so I wanted to try something that has been a passion of mine my whole life – FOOD!
I am a huge fan of Creative Live and there has been an amazing workshop the last week by Todd Porter & Diane Cu on food styling and photography. Todd and Diane are so inspiring and I have been stuck to my iPad the whole workshop getting tips and ideas to help me move forward. This workshop has given me so much courage to try food photography and not be so scared, to embrace my skills and take it to a different level.
This may or may not work but I’m going to give it a try and see what happens….in the meantime here are a few bits I shot last weekend. This was a quick shoot, not much post and all natural lighting. The next thing I plan on is a cooked dish, maybe a soup to start me off!
I may even start posting some of my all-time favourite recipes!

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