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Aerial Filming in Mauritius

Hertfordshire based aerial filmaker

We were asked to film the opening sequence for an independent movie with a working title of Deep – filmed in Mauritius and London. 

Our aerial team travelled to Mauritius alongside Director and Cinematographer, linking up with local crew on the island.

All shots were filmed with our DJI Inspire2 drones, obtaining permissions for each site around the island to film and fly the craft. 

Once in the location country, a day’s recce around the island to discuss shots with the Director and Cinematographer, practicalities drone flight and permissions. Both the Director and Cinematographer had previously spent two weeks on the island to create the set ups and operational recce. 

Location filming is always a challenge, but always rewarding.

Our section of the film produced the opening sequence ready for titles to be added and features the local postman on his scenic route home. 


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