Maximising your ROI from Content Marketing

It all starts with a stat. Content marketing generates three times more leads for 62% less the cost of traditional marketing.

Sounds easy.

Data capture is key. You know your audience, but there’s now so much data and massive value in data analysis.

There was a time when quantifying the success of a marketing campaign was subjective at best. Increased sales, maybe – but they could have been due to any form of external forces.

It’s imperative that the content strategy is continually developed as the business changes and the economic landscape evolves.

So to focus the mind on the content – what are the steps to consider? Obviously, what do we want to achieve, and how can they be broken down into short term and long-term goals?

The data, and received wisdom delivers and insight into the requirements of your customers, their buying process and cycle.
Although they’re pervasive, there’s power in customer feedback surveys, and used in the right way with the right software, you can limit the aggravation they can create.

Push the USP and make your brand’s content stand out. What does your company stand for, and why are you the leaders in yet another ‘me too’ industry?

Make sure the content is aligned to the overall marketing strategy for the business – there’s nothing worse than a confused appearance to your customers.

There’s always space for the old-fashioned SWOT analysis at this stage, with a deep dive on the competitive landscape and what opportunities can be exploited. Again, through tracking your analytics across platforms, formats, and channels filtered through the time of day, you start to refine and develop.

That content marketing strategy is starting to look more like an arrow head, and less Jackson Pollock.