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Apr 13, 2017 | Photography

Learn how to use your camera and improve your photographs

After teaching in Dubai for over a year at Gulf Photo Plus I have now moved back to the UK in Hertfordshire where I am a freelance photographer and videographer. I miss teaching photography terribly and setting up my workshop here in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, will allow me to carry on my love of teaching. I will never miss that “penny” dropping or that moment when people finally get how to use their camera that they spend a ton of money and a kept in Auto for years!  If your interested in photography and looking to improve your skills read on……


  • Dont throw your camera manual away! In the first few months of having a new DSLR it will come in handy to remind you of camera functions, keep it in your camera bag.
    Photography teacher hertfodshire

    Have you ever wondered what all these other modes are for?


  • Learn to use your different modes on your camera, you don’t have to throw yourself out of auto until your comfortable, especially if you have been using a point and shoot until now. Try program, landscape, portrait, sport and macro to get used to your camera and what these modes can achieve.  Once your comfortable in these modes then move onto A – aperture priority and S/TV – shutter priority to gain more control.
    photography basics hertfodshire

    Single point focus allows you to be more in control, you choose the subject area not your camera!


  • Change your focus mode to single point focus so you can choose where your focus point will be, allowing you to be more in control of your photographs.
  • Shoot, shoot shoot! Practice makes perfect. We now live in a digital world where we don’t have to spend a fortune on developing film and waiting to find out our mistakes. With digital the Sky is the limit so there is plenty of time to play and experiment to get our shots right.

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    Your biggest light source if your tripod, consider a good quality brand

  • Consider a tripod, this will be one of the best investments you will ever make as its your biggest source of light!

    photography worshop hertfordshire 2

    Shallow depths of field using a 50mm lens

  • Don’t go out and but lots of gear, photography can be super expensive and its best to learn what you have before investing in more equipment. The only things I ever tell any of my students to consider is a decent tripod and possibly a 50mm lens. The 50mm lens is an amazing lens for any budding photographer as it can achieve and extremely shallow depth of field, when your starting out its great to be able to see that lovely Bokeh in your pictures.
  • Share your pictures. Join photo sharing websites such as Flickr or share on your Instagram, you can always ask for creative criticism and gain confidence from other like minded people.

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    Always focus on the eyes

  • Always focus on the eyes, we are always drawn to the eyes on pictures – in any aperture make sure you use the single point focus on the eyes.
  • Learn to hold your camera properly, you can create a human tripod by holding your camera steady in both hands. Your images will be much sharper if you support your lens and camera body at the same time.

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    Support your camera properly and your shots will improve straight away

  • Photograph what you love –  this will make your photography journey more enjoyable!

    learn photography hertfordshire 2

    Find your passion, mine is food!

  • Learn all about exposure, ISO, aperture and Shutter speed all work together to create an exposure. This can be a combination of a few things: which areas of the scene your camera measured for exposure, and how different in brightness the light and dark areas are in your scene.

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    The rule of thirds – have your subject fall on one of the lines and create focus point on your picture

  • Learn about the rule of thirds – This is probably the first compositional rule that any photographer comes across and for a very good reason: it’s simple and it works.

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    Filling the frame makes your images look more dynamic and powerful

  • Fill the frame – move in closer to create a more dynamic image. Filling the frame makes the subject larger and cuts down on the clutter.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on photography and videography here on my blog.

If your looking to improve your skills more and fancy a workshop with like minded people get in touch and find out when the next class will be. Im also offering one on one tuition for beginners  and intermediate for photography and videography as well as Photoshop, Lightroom and food photography. Im always happy to create a bespoke course for everyones individual needs.

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