© Louise Shrigley

Im the opposite of photogenic, the camera hates me, which is rather upsetting as Im a photographer and I know how to take a good picture!

Its just how it is, I’m not saying that Im ugly but it takes a lot to make me look good in front of the camera, some people capture the light just right and other don’t.

Some people can look amazing in a photo and then so-so in real life, or the opposite. Some are beautiful in both but we knew that already.

When your a photographer, it becomes even clearer…taking a photo of someone who is photogenic takes about 3 minutes.

On the other hand, taking a picture of a non-photgenic person requires you to take your time. You learn their face, wait for the light to be right, put them at ease by chatting and get them relaxed.

We live in such a visual world that even if your totally fine with how you look, its a little depressing when a bad picture is used on Facebook or in your passport, we all want to look good right!?

Since I’m not photogenic I thought I would share some tricks of the trade I have figured out being  a photographer.

Here is some advice when someone is pointing the camera your way…

1 Light yourself right

When inside, always stand facing wherever the light is coming from i.e. the window, it will soften the wrinkles and bags under your eye.

Inside or out, don’t do in direct sunlight, it will cast dark shadows, the best time to take photographs is early morning and sunset where the light is soft and everyone is beautiful!


2  Make up is key

Its hard to correct shiny skin afterwards so always blot with a tissue for guys or use powder for ladies.

Keep lips natural with a lip gloss and I always suggest making the eyes a little heavier on the make-up than you normally do as you will find the eyes will pop and look amazing!

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise, legs, arms, feet…it will make a huge difference to your skin tone and your skin will look luminous on the images – just gorgeous!

3 Be a poser

For close ups, looking over the shoulder is always cute, or just keep it simple with your chin down, big smile and open eyes.  For a full body shot, stand at an angle to the camera to give your body some shape, stand up straight and sometimes its good to stick your hip out a little.

4 Use your best profile

We all have one, use your best side, most of us aren’t perfectly symmetrical and if you don’t know already ask a friend to help you figure it out.  Celebrities do it all the time, they know their best side and they know what looks good as they have had the practice!


5 Take note where the camera is

If you are sitting down you really want that camera above you a little to look good – same rule of thumb for selfies – look up!If your standing its always better to have the camera at check height to avoid any deformations.Hope this helps everyone to have better pictures taken, if all conditions are against you put on the biggest sunglasses you can find, you will look glamorous and amazing straight away!
Thanks for reading