Promoting your School

Oct 12, 2020 | Video

The importance of creating an engaging video for your school

As birth rates in the area reduce, and young families are increasingly priced out of many parts of the South-East of England, competition for pupils amongst high performing schools is increasing.
Due to the difficulties and restrictions that COVID has brought, many schools are utilising videos to highlight the unique aspects and benefits of their schools. It’s difficult for new parents to visit many schools, and a challenge for schools to welcome prospective parents.

Our videos can be produced to correspond to the restricted budgets that many schools face, and deliver an outstanding ROI to ensure the pupil intake to secure your funding.

Red Tail produces beautiful films to showcase the school, including interview footage with the key school staff, aerial footage of the facility and surrounding areas, and the children enjoying learning – complying with GDPR regulations and with parental agreement.

Call us now for a friendly discussion and plan a video showcasing your school in its best light.