I had the pleasure to work with the Sony middle east team last week to showcase some of their new products, the new  Sony A6300 camera body and some G Master lenses with the A7RII. I was given 2 days to use these new products and show how amazing they are and what they are capable of. As a photographer and cinematographer I am a huge Sony fan with my own A7sII and hopefully the A7RII soon.

First I want to show you how awesome the A6300 is with the insane 11 frames per second and how quickly it will capture movement and those all important moments.

With a limited amount of time I had so much to do as I knew the cameras and bodies had so much to offer first on my travels was a visit up to Bab Al Shams in Dubai to visit the falcons and the architecture.  The falcons and their handler comes out about 4.30/5pm to show off the the hotel guests, where they can hold the bird for pictures and then see how the bird fly’s.


Sony A6300 16-35mm


Sony A6300 16-35mm       ISO 100   34MM   F8   1/250


I captured this image just as the falcon had his hood taken off and was about to fly off to catch his bait.


Sony A6300 16-35mm      ISO 10000   20MM   F10   1/250


Global village was a great place to show off the awesome ISO, even at 10000 it had little noise.


Sony A6300 16-35mm      ISO 200   20MM   F4   1/1000


Desert palm Equestrian centre was a great setting for some horse jumping with Griffin and his owner Sophia. We caught a few sequences to showcase this unbelievably auto focus and fast shutter of 11 frames per second. You can see these sequences popped together here in small animations…

[vimeo id=”158779009″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” aspect_ratio=”16:9″ maxwidth=”1000″ grow=”yes”]

[vimeo id=”158779008″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” aspect_ratio=”16:9″ maxwidth=”1000″ grow=”yes”]


Sony A7RII 85mm Gmaster


Sony A7Rii 85mm Gmaster     ISO 125   85MM   F1.7   1/640

The new 85mm Gmaster lens blew me away with the gorgeous bokeh and pin sharp detail shot wide open. The camera was super easy to change focus points and the  camera and lens didn’t let me down once with super fast autofocus.


Sony A7Rii 85mm  Gmaster     ISO 100   85MM   F1.7   1/2500

A beach shoot with children is a way to test the camera’s auto focus, capturing those all important moments.



Sony A7Rii 85mm  Gmaster     ISO 125   85MM   F2   1/500

One of my favourite portraits of this test, the eyes are pin sharp at f2 and I was super surprised as I used a large focus point.


Sony A6300 24-70mm  Gmaster

Sony-Gmaster-Food photographer Dubai

Sony A6300 24-70mm      ISO 100   70MM   F4.5   1/250

As a Canon stills and Sony film shooter I have never been fond of the Canon 24-70mm, its just never appealed to me due to my love of primes. However this Sony 24-70mm made me feel otherwise. Its a great all round zoom thats heavy enough to feel great in the hands but not too overboard with the small body.

I loved the almost macro ability of this lens when I shot some food with it, it really gets in there and brings out the details. Just look at the raspberries on these shots, amazing!


Sony-Gmaster-Food photographer Dubai

Sony A6300 24-70mm      ISO 100   70MM   F4.5   1/250

Yes I did eat the tart! 😉


Sony A7RII 24-70mm Gmaster

  • E-Mount Lens/Full-Frame Format
  • Aperture Range: f/2.8 to f/22
  • One XA Element, Two Aspherical Elements
  • One ED Element, One Super ED Element


Sony A7Rii 24-70mm Gmaster     ISO 100   34MM   F10   1/250

Im a huge lover of arabic architecture and what better place to visit other than Bab Al Shams, in the desert 45 minutes outside of Dubai. This lens is designed to achieve notably high resolution and sharpness and it didn’t let me down one bit!


Sony A7Rii 24-70mm Gmaster     ISO 100   34MM   F10   1/250



Sony A7Rii 24-70mm Gmaster     ISO 100   63MM   F4.5   1/5  Tripod

Global village


Sony A7Rii 24-70mm Gmaster     ISO 4000   30MM   F2.8   1/800


Sony A7Rii 24-70mm Gmaster     ISO 800   65MM   F4   1/200


Sony A7Rii 24-70mm Gmaster     ISO 800  70MM   F4   1/100


I hope you have liked my review of the new Gmaster lenses and the awesome A6300!