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Virtual Property Video

Being in lockdown doesn’t mean your house sale has to stall. Many estate agencies are now offering virtual house tours as a great way to showcase your home to prospective buyers or even renters.

With high-quality cameras available on most modern smartphones, shooting your own home video to walk through the property and showcase the rooms and exterior. Here are some tips on staging your home for a professional-looking house tour to show your home off at its best.

  1. Make sure your phone’s video is set at the best quality it can record, your footage needs to reflect the quality of your home.
  2. Remove clutter – floors and surfaces should be clutter-free and if your showing cupboards make sure they are organized.
  3. Good lighting is one of the most important elements of any video, pull back the curtains, and open the blinds as far as they can go. Make the video during the day when the light is bright and airy. For dark rooms turn on all the lights and lamps.
  4. Leave the doors open as this helps add more light into rooms and it helps show the plan of the house too.
  5. Make the beds! Add flowers and make sure it looks inviting.
  6. Don’t forget outside, a view from the front and back, balcony or gardens.
  7. Don’t go too fast when walking from room to room.
  8. Make sure to use the best area of the room to scan the room and show off any particular features.
  9. Don’t forget period features, stunning fireplaces, media systems, and electric features.

If you don’t feel you can justify your property in your own smartphone film then give us a shout and we can easily chat to you about our property videos using our state of the art cameras, gimbals, drone. and sliders to show off your home.

Red Tail Media specializes in property video and photography to showcase your place to sell at its best.

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School video tour

Enrich your virtual school video tour with Red Tail Media

Open up your school building and campus with a walkthrough experience that is more enticing than traditional photography and gives viewers a unique insight into your school environment and facilities.

Staff and Student Interviews

Tell your school’s story through the words of staff and students. Video interviews will add a personal touch to your virtual school tour and really connect with potential parents, students, and staff.

Drone footage

Our drone footage provides spectacular high-resolution images from the sky that can capture the entire school campus in one unique shot.

School Promotional Film

Show off all your school has to offer with a highly tailored promotional school film. Parents, children and potential staff can fully absorb your school’s culture by hearing directly from the headteacher and seeing in and around your school campus.

Why produce a virtual school tour?

For families unable to visit your school

A school virtual tour allows prospective students and their families to immerse themselves within the school environment if they are unable to make the journey from further afield. Whilst a prospectus design can help convey your school’s values and ethos, a virtual tour takes that experience one step further. A video walk-through virtual tour gives families a chance to virtually walk around the school’s campus and visit classrooms, libraries, and other key areas of the school that may be of particular interest to them. For families unable to make it to your campus, the additional exposure and heightened experience could be the difference in their final decision when compared with another school that is unable to provide this experience.

In case of a shutdown

The year of 2020 provided an unprecedented experience with the impact of COVID-19. For many schools this left them unable to fully showcase their facilities to prospective parents and students. A school virtual tour provides intimate access to the school’s building and perfectly illustrates the school and its surroundings.

Staff recruitment opportunities

As well as benefiting students and families, a virtual tour is a fantastic opportunity to advertise your school to new members of staff. Before applying for a role many people research the school or organization to which they are applying. A virtual tour provides an enriched experience for prospective candidates to learn more about your school’s brand and get a feel for the facilities and school environment.

If you would like to chat with us about filming your school please get in touch –




Office environment

Corporate Culture Video

Creating a Corporate Culture Video

The War for Talent goes back to the late-nineties internet boom and has existed ever since – aside from the few years following the GFC and busting of the original internet bubble. It remains strong, especially in those key hard-to-fill tech roles.

Companies have always needed to differentiate themselves from the competition through employer branding, and a large part of that brand is the company culture. A visualisation of the values, goals, aspirations – and the 4pm knock off time on Friday. Why should poeple join you, why do they say, and what’s great about working there?

Creating a corporate culture video is a great tool for recruitment, but also for retention of talent already in the organisation in demonstrating their personal and team impact on the organisation’s strategic and fiscal development.

The best people want to work for the best team. Few players in the world would turn down the opportunity to be a part of the current Liverpool football team. Can your organisation demonstrate the constant drive for improvement, the teamwork to get there – and a manager to whom everyone looks up to and all are pulling for.

The culture video will take inspirational stories from team members, detailing their efforts and contributions. In a larger organisation without large-scale cross pollination, it’s great for personnel to get the opportunity to tell their story and achieve some form of appreciation and recognition from colleagues outside of their immediate bubble.

This form of individual and team publicity serves to inspire others within the company thus driving further productivity.

Interviewing style and expertise is key. We need to draw the pertinent elements and move between the strands to pull together a cohesive but interesting and engaging video focusing on the individual elements which made the difference. What choices were made, the focus on success and the additional effort that achieved it.

We are especially keen to avoid clichés in any productions and avoid quoting (or misquoting on most occasions) of famous idioms. Be real, get to the point and extract the meaningful elements.

You’ll need to conclude the message, emphasising the cultural directive and a decision as to whether you want different endings – one for internal retention, and one for external recruitment – or if the word can be combined in a single, resounding synopsis.




Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

Video marketing is one the latest trends in the promotion toolbox. If you are still having doubts and questions about its effectiveness, read on. In this article, we have written some of the best reasons why you should use video marketing for your business.

1. Video Boosts Conversions and Sales
The great thing about videos as a promotional tool is that it can make you some serious money. Did you know that adding a product video on your website’s landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%? Videos are also proven to lead directly to sales.

2. Video Shows Great ROI
We all know that video production is not the easiest nor the cheapest tool when it comes to marketing products. However, about 83% of businesses say that by producing exciting video content, they are able to get a good return on investment because it pays
off big time. Remember, it’s the content that counts!

3. Video Builds Trust
When it comes to sales and conversions, you first have to get your customers’ trust. Building your customer’s trust is a goal on its own and video marketing helps with this. More people will trust you if you stop selling and instead, let them come to you by providing interesting and useful facts about your product. Once they know what to expect, they’ll be the ones to come and buy from you.

4. Google Loves Videos
By putting videos on your website, you also increase the time spent by the visitors on your site. This longer visit signals search engines that your site has good content. You can even use videos for your SEO efforts.

5. Video Appeals to Mobile Users
Nowadays, you can’t see people without a phone in their hands. This is why videos and mobile now go hand in hand. About 90% of your target consumers watch videos from their mobile phones.

Videos are the perfect combination of entertainment, nostalgia, and simplicity……and they work!

If you want to take your business to the next level and impress your target audience, then video production is the medium to use. We, at Red Tail Media, create engaging video content for clients of all sizes with the ability to shoot different styles to suit your brand. If you have any questions, suggestions and/or clarifications you may get in touch with our team. You may also look at our portfolio if you want to see more of our past projects.

4 types of Brand Videos to Help You Promote Your Business

4 types of Brand Videos to Help You Promote Your Business

As the competition for digital marketing gets tougher, more creativity and effort must be made in making content that will reflect your brand’s personality and vision. In the planning process, one of the most important considerations is the type of video you need to produce that will best convert an audience into paying customers.

To help you in choosing the right type of video for your marketing efforts, we have compiled the types of video content that will help you maximise your brand exposure:

1. Explainers
If your main goal is to convey information to your customers, what better way to do it than by spelling it out for them. Use explainer videos if you are trying to present a new product or service and you need to explain the new features of your product. Forward the vital pieces of information and keep the content concise and organised.

Explainer videos are considered as a great marketing tool to help establish your brand as an industry authority, through simplifying, demonstrating and sharing information that the customers need. Since explainer videos help the audience to solve a problem, they are less likely to get updated or replaced and can offer value for a long period of time.

2. Interviews
Interviews are best used if you want to convey information but don’t want your customers to feel that you are pushing it down their throats. When doing an interview, it is important that you choose relevant speakers who can offer commendations about your brand, like consumers, industry experts and members of your team.

Interview videos are easy to understand and are organically optimised which can contribute to an increase of website traffic.

3. Animation
Animation videos provide limitless possibilities. Complex concepts can be visualised through animation that are otherwise impossible or hard to create using live action clips. Creative marketers use animation to create short but extremely memorable content for their customers that contribute to high brand awareness and brand recall.

4. Culture Video
Every major company has a culture video. Culture videos allow brands and companies to reach out to their customers and partners in a more personal manner. Showcasing the team behind your product or service veers your company away from the corporate stereotypes, thus giving your brand a more intimate appeal. Make sure that your culture video gives your brand an authentic appeal and must not appear forced to avoid casting doubt to your product or service.

5. Testimonial Videos
Reviews are essential for acquiring new customers. People often check testimonials since opinions of other consumers about a service or product stem from honest feedback. Testimonial videos can persuade an audience to purchase a service or product since hearing a positive review from customers that have tried the brand is more engaging and believable than reading paragraphs of product details.

If you want to take your business to the next level and impress your target audience, then video production is the medium to use. We, at Red Tail Media, create engaging video content for clients of all sizes with the ability to shoot different styles to suit your brand. If you have any questions, suggestions and/or clarifications you may get in touch with our team. You may also look at our portfolio if you want to see more of our past projects.